Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fresh Eggs Are FINALLY Arriving!!

After what seemed like waiting FOREVER and a day, we finally have our first fresh egg!! Yay!!! Robert had a meeting to attend for the evening, so Halie and I went down to the barn to let the horses out for the night and there it was laying on the ground next to the water trough. : )

It was fairly small, but perfectly formed and a perfect orange color and tasted oh so yummy!

I found this one on Tuesday and yesterday Robert found a 2nd one that was slightly larger. So they're finally starting to lay! Woo Hoo!!! I cooked up the second one this morning for breakfast and the difference is so amazing between the store bought and fresh eggs. I scrambled them and the store bought was so pale it was almost white once scrambled, but the fresh was BRIGHT yellow/orange. I was thinking about this while sitting here listening to "Bucky" and the other roosters welcome the dawn and I concluded that I love farm/ranch life!


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