Tuesday, April 16, 2013

January 2013

Once again, I am incredibly behind in my family blogging, but here ya go - happenings from back in January.  : )

Uncle Robbie came for a visit and brought the kids some Christmas presents.

Now that he has a "gun," whenever we see a deer he says, "Imma get my gun an shoot that reindeer and eat him!"

Uncle Robbie knows Halie loves horses.

Also in January, we did a Winter/Snowman theme for school time.

The kids made these snowman banana snacks one day.

And one day for lunch they helped me make pancakes and bacon and we turned them into snowmen.

A snowman craft they had fun with.

Another day we made marshmallow snowmen and Burl did such a great job!  I put the glue on and he placed every single marshmallow himself, as well as the hat, eyes, nose, and buttons.

During the summer, this dress of Halie's was one of me and Robert's favorites and I hated to see it just hanging in her closet not getting worn during the winter months.  So, we paired it with some colorful tights, some boots, and a jean jacket and voila!  It worked for winter too.  : )

This picture was taken one Sunday night after church.  He looked so cute sitting there with his little footie jammies, feet dangling, and eating his "chocat ice kweam" while watching Tom & Jerry.  
(It's funny to see him wearing a bib since he's now outgrown the need for one.  He's also outgrown those jammies.)

And last but not least, Miss Halie Dawn lost her first tooth!


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