Saturday, September 14, 2013

Halie's 6th Barbie Princess Birthday

Back in August we celebrated Halie's 6th birthday.  We made a quick weekend trip back to Hobe Sound so we could spend it with family and had the party at my mom and dad's house.  Months and months ago she had requested a Barbie party.  She still loves the color pink so I knew we had to incorporate that.

One day I was searching images of Barbie cakes and she saw the standing doll cake and gasped and declared that was the kind of cake she wanted!

I was able to find some Barbie Princess plates and cups on Ebay.  They were a discontinued item and apparently in high demand because they were kind of expensive!  So I only got one pack of each and supplemented with plain pink plates.

I added little clusters of purple dollar store flowers to keep things from being overly pink.

I had pink crepe paper leftover from her 4th birthday so we added a few streamers.

I also had pink tulle left from her 4th bday and I used it around the cake pedestal as well as to tie a pretty fluffy bow on her chair.

She only has two Barbies, one is purple and the other pink and she wanted those to be used in the decor somehow so we put them here on the punch table.  : )

The cake wasn't quite what I had wanted, and we had to request that a mistake be fixed before taking it from the store, BUT...she loved it and that's all that mattered.

She also had pink dress up necklace that she wanted used
as well, so we draped it around the cake pedestal.

Sweet little bubby was just as excited for her birthday as she was!

It was so cute that both Great Grandmas showed up wearing purple without even knowing what the colors of the party were going to be!  : )

BFF cousins - Halie and Emma

New roller skates from Papaw and Nana DeLamarter.

And a new bike from Papaw and Meemaw Cantrell.

We celebrated her birthday the Saturday before, but her actual birthday was on Monday.  I used a bit of leftover party decor to set the table for dinner to make it feel a little more special.

She thought she had opened all her gifts at her party, but I surprised her with two more.

She love love loves Doritos, and one day in Walmart she told me she wanted a whole bag of them all to herself for her birthday.  : )  The princess tent was an after Christmas clearance purchase I got for only $5!  Gotta love CVS!  : )

She's already put in her request for her 7th birthday - "Mommy, I want a horse...a real horse!"


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