Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Grandparents Day

For Grandparents Day Halie and I did a little project that was in her High Five magazine. I cut out a frame out of thin cardboard (the back of one of my scrapbooking paper packs), and then tore up some extra scrap pieces of paper to decorate it with. She had great fun with all the scraps and picking out which color went in what place. She loved being able to paint the glue on and getting her hands all sticky.

One of the frames in the making.

We also made "homemade" wrapping paper. I let her use markers to create a masterpiece on white tissue paper. : )

We made two frames, one for each set of grandparents, but my dad was out of town on a trucking trip and my mom needed to sleep all day in order to work that night, so we only got pictures with Papaw and Meemaw Cantrell. But Nana and Papaw loved theirs too. : )

So proud of her frame.
I'm so very thankful for both sets of godly grandparents in her life who set a good Christian example for her to follow. We love you all!

Friday, September 11, 2009

The House is Ready for Fall!

One of my most favorite things in the world is decorating, and I love re-decorating for the Fall and Christmas seasons. I would do the entire house if I had the money and the space to store everything!! As it is, I only have room for 2 Rubbermaid containers of Fall decor so I have to limit myself. I still enjoy it so much though, it makes the whole house look different and new, and the colors of Autumn are so warm and welcoming. I just wish we had the cool crisp air and beautiful colorful foilage to go with it. Even so, I thought I would share my love of decorating and of Fall with you.

I also love quilts and have a huge container full of them, and more that don't fit. The problem is our house is so small I don't really have a way to display all of them, but I do use the old ladder against the wall to display one and I change it with the seasons. This particular one I think came from my mom's best friend, who we refer to as Aunt Carol.

The large picture on the wall used to be my Papaw's, and on the truck it says Middletown, OH which is where they lived when they were alive. Dee Dee made the smaller frame in the middle of the shelf.

Someone with good eyes might notice the "Baby in Bloom" frame on the side of the fridge....no, I do not currently have a baby in bloom, lol! It's an ultrasound of Halie that I leave up there because I love to look at it and remember just what an amazing miracle she is.

I even put a little decoration in the laundry area! : )

I bought this rug on clearance 2 years ago for $2 I think.

The front door area.

My mom gave me this big glass jar a few years ago. I threw this whimsical display together with leftover things I hadn't used in the house, plus some sticks from the yard.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Birthday Presents

I finally got pictures of Halie's birthday presents. I knew she would love having her own table and chairs and I kept searching and watching for the right set. We found a similar set at Bed Bath and Beyond that we were going to get that was $35 and it came with 2 chairs, but by the time we got around to actually purchasing it they were sold out! So I had to start searching again. I found this set on Craigslist for $20 and it came with 4 chairs (the green one is hidden under the quilt). She LOVES it. The first day I brought it home I didn't have to do anything with her the entire afternoon and evening, she entertained herself completely with the table and chairs for hours! It will also come in handy when we have guests over for dinner who have children as our dinner table isn't very big.

Her other present was unplanned. I have wanted one of these swings for her for a long time, but I'm too cheap to pay $25 at Wal-mart so I've been keeping an eye out at yard sales, thrift stores, and Craigslist. When I went to Ft. Myers to buy the table and chairs I decided to make the most of the hour trip and stopped in a huge thrift store that was on the same road. I found this swing in perfect condition for $3! She LOVES it too, probably even more than her table and chairs!

Our huge Oak tree is just perfect for it and Robert's dad had some extra rope so we didn't have to buy any. : )


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