Monday, February 18, 2013

End of December

A couple of days after Christmas we got some serious snow fall, like as in 6 - 7 inches in one day!

The kids had so much fun playing in it.

I pulled both kids around the yard in the sled, and then when I would tire out and need a break Halie would take over pulling Burl around.  She is such a sweet sister to him.

He handled the whole freezing cold/snow thing much better this year than he did the last time we attempted it the winter before last.

On a Saturday Robert and I took them to the local park for some sledding fun.  I snapped this beautiful picture of the frozen pond with my phone.

Getting ready to go down the hill!

He was smiling until the split second before the picture snapped, lol!

Getting warmed up by the fire before another round of sledding.

We also finally had time to do the Christmas Rice Krispie train that Robert's parents sent us.

We each worked on our own train car.

Robert had the engine, and he made it a Ford of course.  : )

Burl's train car (with a little help from Mommy)



And I brought up the end of the train with the caboose.

They couldn't wait for it to be finished and pictures to be done so they could tear into it!  :D

New Year's Eve found us over at the neighbor's house for an evening of fun games and good food!

I made this Chocolate Espresso Cheesecake.

The recipe was new to me and it was a bit time consuming, but lemme tell was SO worth it!  Dee-licious!!!  It had an Oreo crust, a soft as silk layer of cheesecake, a layer of chocolate mousse, topped off with chocolate espresso ganache!  Even Robert liked it and he usually won't touch anything coffee flavored.

I could not even believe this little man stayed up the entire evening!  I took along his PJ's and blanket fully expecting him to wear out and need to lay down at some point, but he never did.  He went full steam ahead the entire night!

That finishes off December and I am once again woefully behind.  : (  
But...better late than never, right?


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