Saturday, November 17, 2012

Creation Studies ~ Day 7

Day 7 - God rested and he blessed the 7th day and made it holy.

Number picture for that week.

We didn't do a whole lot of crafty things for the week of Day 7.  I focused mostly on the "holy" aspect of it and how God made a day not only for rest, but for worship too.  We read different Bible stories that showed different ways of worshipping - Cain and Abel (obedience), King David (dancing and singing), and Mary Magdalene (using perfume to anoint Jesus' feet).  So I tied our cooking project into the story of Mary Magdalene and since she used a sweet smelling perfume that filled the whole room, we made a wonderful smelling Fall scented potpourri that we simmered on the stove for a few hours.  It filled the whole house with wonderful smells!

On Saturday, after we finished up our 7th week, we took the kids to the Creation museum.  It was about a 2.5 hr drive for us to get there, but it made for a fun family day trip.

Touching a real dinosaur bone.

They had several of the dinosaurs set up with very life-like motions and sounds and Halie couldn't decided if they were real or just pretend.  She wasn't too sure about much she liked them.  : )  You can see a short video clip of one of them {HERE}.

The Garden of Eden

Sorry about the picture quality, it's not the greatest, but I snapped all of these with my phone.

This was a diorama of what the inside of the ark probably looked like and it just fascinated me.  I guess I never pictured it quite like that.

This was another one that stunned me.  I don't know for sure that the proportions are exactly correct, but even so, just seeing how small the people and animals are compared to the ark is so amazing!

No wonder it took so long for them to build!

The lighting and angle of this picture make the T-rex look like he's just a painting on the wall, but he wasn't.  They had many different types of dinosaurs that were 3D statues.  They were so neat to look at.

All in all, it was a fun trip, but most of it was over Halie's head.  I did my best to point out as much as I could that we had learned and try to pull it all together for her, but there was a lot of reading and informational videos on different things and that just doesn't interest young kids.  We had to kind of just skim through a lot of it and I found myself wishing we didn't have them with us because I really wanted to read and study and absorb so much more of it.  The whole Creation/Evolution argument has always interested me.  But they did have a few things that the kids found fun, and if it hadn't been a rainy cold day we could have toured the gardens outside and gone to the petting zoo.  But they were closed because of the weather.  : (

So, we finally finished up our study of Creation and all along we had been learning and practicing for a grand finale.  Halie learned a verse each week, and they both learned a little song for each week.  One evening that Robert didn't have to work late they presented their little "program" to him.  They did it once for just him and then a 2nd time while he videoed it so that the grandparents and others could see it.  You can see that {HERE}.  You  may have to watch it twice, once to watch Halie and once just to watch Burl and his antics.  : )

Well, that does it for Creation.  I hope you've enjoyed our little adventure. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Creation Studies ~ Day 6

Day 6 - God created man and land animals.

Here's their number picture for the week.

I printed off these masks for them to color (I helped Burl out with his) and even printed one for me and we played "zoo."

Our cooking project for the week was pancakes.  They did a great job of helping me make the batter and stood nearby and watched me cook them.

Halie made a girl face.

And Burl made a "moo-nkey."

Burl's color that he was learning that week was purple.  Each week, for each new color, we would take a basket and go through the house collecting things of that color and then he'd bring them back to the table and play with them while Halie was working on her stuff.  This is his purple collection. (The other side of the letter block was purple.)  : )

Another really fun thing we did that week was to visit a dairy farm.  Our babysitter works on one and she got permission for us to come and take a tour.  Halie was in love with this little kitten that was following us everywhere.

Burl checking out the milk tank.

Halie sitting in the combine.

Burl was a little scared of being that high up on the combine so I took his picture back down on the ground next to the wheel instead.

Halie even got to feed this little calf from a bottle.

In the milking room.

Up close and personal.  : )  I don't think those heifers quite knew what to think of such little people.

Halie climbed right up in the hay loft without even a hesitation.

Peeking down at me from the hayloft.

I took a short little video clip of them.  Burl was funny, he liked the cows as long as they weren't trying to come too close to him.  If they did, he would say "they get me" or in the video you'll hear him say "they peepin' at me."  : )  You can see that video {HERE}.

Kerri, our sweet babysitter, who was so nice to let us come and give us a tour.  Thank you Kerri!

The kids and I really enjoyed doing that and it was neat for Halie to see where our milk comes from.

Stay tuned for Day 7 and our big finale presentation!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Creation Studies ~ Day 5

Day 5 - God created the fish and birds.

I printed off pictures of different kinds of birds, foods they eat, and labels.  Then Halie cut them all out, we looked them up on the computer together to find out their names and what they like to eat, and then she glued them all on to make this chart.

They played the fishing game.

For our cooking project for the week we made an ocean themed lunch.  Jellyfish, octopus, and sea urchins.  : )   I got the idea for that from Dee Dee.

They went back and forth between thinking it was really funny/cool and thinking it was gross, lol!

Either way, we had a lot of fun with it.

For our craft we made paper plate fish aquariums.  

They each painted their own on one day and then another day we added all the extras and finished them up.

I got the idea from this picture that I saw on Pinterest.  It's a kit that you can purchase to make these, but after a few minutes of analyzing it I knew we could make our own for free.


And here's our version.

This one is Burl's.

And this is Halie's.  Notice the pink bubbles.  : )

Something that I forgot to add in the previous posts about our Creation studies were the numbers that we made for each day.  Halie would cut out the number and color it or paint it, and then Burl would add the stickers or other extras.

That wraps up Day 5.  Next up I'll share some really fun things we did for Day 6.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Fall Pictures of the Kiddos

In my last post I promised some pictures of the kiddos that I took of them at the park, so here they are with a few edits done to them.

They LOVE the merry-go-round!

This one makes me smile, with his "Big Man" shirt but face full of tears.
 He was upset over something or other and cried for about a minute....
But then he wiped away his tears, fixed his beloved hat...

and everything was right in his world again.

Checkin' out a mud puddle.  : )

I hope and pray you're having a very blessed Fall season and that the spirit of thankfulness abides in your heart.  I know without a doubt that I am SO grateful for these two sweet kiddos and I thank God everyday for them and for the chance He has given me to raise them for Him.


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