Monday, June 10, 2013

A Highlight Reel

Since I seem to always be running behind on this family blog, and the last post I did was about January and it's now June...I decided to just give you a highlight reel of the past few months to get you caught up.

Valentines Day - The kids helped make a paper chain to decorate with and I set the table so that we could have a festive family breakfast that morning.

I made a big platter full of heart shaped pancakes and Robert made scrambled eggs and bacon to go with it.

Dad D. was visiting a friend in Michigan so the kiddos and I made a day trip and drove up to spend part of a day with him.  It sure was good to see him!

Somewhere along the lines of this time frame we got a bunch more snow and the kiddos had a blast playing in it for a few days.

Burl discovered a love for puzzles.

The one in the above picture is supposed to be for ages 4+, but after just a couple of tries and a minimal amount of help he had it all figured out.

Great Grandma Staffa learned of his puzzle hobby and sent him a brand new one in the mail.  I timed him on this one, from the time I took it out of the box and when he had it complete was 7 minutes!  He amazes me!

Once the weather started to warm up just a bit we had a fun family day and visited a children's science museum.

I continued the kiddos schooling.  Here Burl is doing a name recognition activity.  By the end of the year he had learned all his colors and shapes, can count to 10, recognizes and can say about half of the alphabet letters, and recognizes and can tell you how to spell his name.

We made a trip down to Lebanon, OH for our little cousin Jaxon's birthday party.  Afterwards, we went out to eat at Frisch's with them.  The kids have so much fun together!

Our kitchen becomes a barber shop every couple of weeks.  : )

At the end of March, Robert and I made a harried trip to Florida to do some job and house hunting.

We were able to meet up with my family for a little bit while we were there.

Papaw and Meemaw Cantrell came and took care of the kids while we were in Florida.  

They had lots of fun together doing crafts and other super fun things.

Dad and Robert celebrated their birthdays together a little early.

At the young adult church get together for the month of April, the hostess surprised Robert with balloons and cupcakes for his big 3-0.  

I thought they were quite hilarious.  :D

Celebratiing at home.

Burl filled up his potty training chart and was doing awesome at keeping his pull up dry at nap time so we told him we'd do something fun.  He wanted to go bowling.

Cute shirt that Meemaw and Papaw had personalized for him.

As the weather continued to warm up more and more time was spent playing outside, and more and more days I was washing very muddy clothes!

Halie and one of the neighbor girls being crazy.  :)

We finished up Halie's Kindergarten year of homeschooling.  She averaged a 97% on her end of the year testing.  She'll be a big time 1st grader next year!

The kids had a blast going to a monster truck show.

Burl had been excited all week to wear his monster truck shirt to the monster truck show!

Robert won 1st place at a mechanic's contest at his school and won $1800 in tools!

In between all of the packing, packing, and more packing...

the kiddos and I have enjoyed a couple of outings to help break up the monotony.

And we even got in another evening with the fire pit.  
Can you tell Burl enjoyed his hot dog?  : )

So that gets you all caught up to our current status of being in limbo until we move.  Robert has just over 2 weeks of school left, and now has 2 job offers for us to consider.  After much prayer, discussion, number crunching, and more prayer, we hope to have some decisions made real soon.

Good Lord willin' we'll be Florida bound before long!


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