Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Kids Have Been Eating Dirt!

Dirt Dessert. 

These were Halie's cooking project for school time the other day.  She enjoyed making them and had fun thinking she was going to play a trick on Daddy when he got home from work.  : )

Thursday, May 3, 2012

April 2012

Just getting you updated on the happenings of April.

Little man just keeps getting more and more handsome.

Halie picked out a new "rainbow" dress, and we tried out a new hairstyle for church one morning.

She looked so pretty.

Burl had his first experience with finger painting.  He wasn't too sure about all that mess.   : )

Easter morning.

Halie picked out her Easter dress, and got new sparkly pink shoes, new tights, and a new headband to go with it.  She was SO excited to finally get to wear it all.

My cheesy little goof-ball!  : )

I just love this picture of them, how he's looking up at his big sister.  So cute!

After church we took a few more pictures in the back yard.

Gretchen didn't hesitate to step in and ruin them.  LOL!!

My 3 favorite people in all the world!

Time for an egg hunt!  Gretchen was quick to "help" since she could smell the candy inside.

Halie loves to put together crazy and colorful outfits.  : ) 

For Robert's birthday Halie helped me pick out a few decorations from the dollar store and we made the kitchen look bright and festive.

I decided to try something new for his cake and came up with this wrench.  I had never done anything like this before, but I was pretty happy with how it turned out.  It was 3 separate cakes that I carved and put together.  It says 29mm since he turned 29.

He really liked it.   : )

Halie picked out some candy and some "stuff to make his truck smell good" and both kids made him a card.

I was mean and made him blow out 29 candles.  No shortcuts here.  

Burl has been on a kick of wearing all of Halie's dress up necklaces at once.  I call him Mr. T.  In this picture I told him to show me his muscles, so he's "flexing" and saying "grrrr."

On this morning both kids weren't feeling too well and they looked so cute all snuggled up watching movies.

I was trying to keep him occupied at the table one day after lunch and I gave him measuring cups and the salt and pepper shakers to play with.  He came up with and built this tower all on his own.

He also loves to help me any way he can and one evening while I was getting dinner ready he came toddling in wanting to help so I handed him a plate at a time, then forks, then napkins and he set the table for me.  Not too bad for 19 months old I'd say.

For the Women of Worth meeting this month the theme was "Rainbow of Colors" and I had signed up to bring a dessert of some kind.  I tried my hand at making cake pops for the first time.

They were even rainbow on the inside!  They turned out pretty cute and quite yummy.

One Sunday morning I fixed Halie's hair in two braids and it hit me just how much she really does look like me.  Especially in one particular photo.  So I went and dug it out to show her.

Can you even believe that resemblance?!?  : )

That's it for April, stay tuned for some May happenings soon.


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