Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Burl's 1st Birthday


Birthday Boy!!

I've pretty much decided that even though I love to plan for and decorate cute themed parties, it will be too much to let each kid have a big, involved party every year.  My plan is to rotate each year.  So since Halie got the big party this year, we kept Burl's quite simple and easy. 

I couldn't go without a tad bit of decor though.  : )  So I picked up some plates, napkins, and a mylar balloon in this cute little 1st birthday theme, along with a colorful tablecloth, cups, and utensils.

Someone at church gave me a bunch of boy's clothes and this cute little hat was in with them.

A few of my family members that live about 1.5 hrs away came to join in the fun.
My 2nd cousins Mikayla & Trinity, cousin Mandi, and  Aunt Kay

(The balloon bouquet was supposed to be the "centerpiece," but the wind kept blowing them into everyone's face so we had to move them.)

I kept the food really simple - hot dogs, baked mac-n-cheese, and chips.  My family brought a few other things to help out and we enjoyed a nice picnic out in the yard. 

Halie, Aunt Sheryl, Mikayla, Trinity

After we ate the kids had a little play time.

Then it was time for presents!

Daddy worked on getting them all out of their boxes and functioning.

By now, our food had finally settled enough and we were ready for cake.

Big sister helped him blow out his candle.

We don't normally allow him to grab his food, so when we set a piece of cake in front of him he looked at us like, "Am I gonna get in trouble for this?"  He got a little bit on his fingers and held it up for me to wash off.  : )

I had to help him out a little and show him it was okay to pick it up and taste it.

Still not quite sure about all of this.

"Ok Mom, I've had enough of this now."

It turned out to be a nice little party.  Burl wasn't his usual smiley happy self due to all the new people and activity going on.  He just wasn't sure what to think.  Towards the end of their visit he finally was comfortable around them and his chatterbox and smiles came back.

I can't hardly believe my little Butters is a year old already! 
Happy Birthday sweet boy!


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