Monday, April 16, 2012

All the Happenings of March

Here's a summary of the month of March for the Cantrell family.

I've started making my own homemade laundry detergent.  It's been buzzing around the internet and everyone was saying how cheap it is to make and how great it works, so I thought I'd try it out.

First go round was un-impressive, so the next time I made it I changed the "recipe" a bit so we'll see how well it works now.

Took this picture one day when the kids and I were playing blocks and building castles.

Halie's artistic abilities are improving and she's moving on from just drawing faces.  This particular picture is supposed to be Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc.  I thought she did a pretty good job.  : )

Burl loves to help me wash dishes.

He makes a huge mess, but he has a blast.  

Cute little stinker.

He made me laugh when he came out of Halie's room dressed like this one day.  I guess that's the way real men wear necklaces.  : )

St. Patrick's day found us wearing green of course.

I made their milk green for their cereal that morning.

And we pulled through Burger King for their free fries with green ketchup to go with lunch.

It looked gross, but tasted mostly like regular ketchup.

I don't usually, but this time I let Burl have at it.

Robert was so grossed out he left the table and started washing dishes, lol!

This is his crazy face he loves to make.

The last weekend in March found us making a trip out to Missouri to visit Great Grandma Staffa.  We hadn't seen her in about 3 years, so it was great to be with her and let her see the kids.

Both kids loved having her push them around on her walker.

Uncle Jeff had to get in some pictures with the kiddos just to make Gina and Bob jealous.  : )

They sure did love Great Grammy.

And it was so nice to see Uncle Jeff and Aunt JoAnn, too.

Reading stories with Grandma before nap time.

Robert really enjoyed picking Grandma's brain about her history, growing up, the restaurant, etc.  We enjoyed all her stories.

Checking out the fish in the pond at Grandma's apartment complex.

Spring arrived a little early this year.  We are loving the more moderate temperatures for sure!

So the end of March found us doing well and enjoying life.  I hope the same is true for you and yours.


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