Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Valentine's party at the library story time. Miss Mary gave them each a bag to decorate and take their goodies home in.
The actual passing out of Valentine's and candy was a little chaotic, but it was fun and Halie ended up with a lot of stuff. We took heart shaped sugar cookies (which I forgot to get pictures of ).
Wearing her dress that Nana bought her at Christmas. It was perfect for Valentine's Day!
When we got home we spread out her "stash" on the table. My goodness the candy!!

Valentine's Day!! My two favorite people in all the world!

Robert gave me tulips, which I LOVE LOVE LOVE, and a box of Cold Stone Creamery chocolates. MMmmmmm.......they were good! And funny enough, they weren't just mine, he helped me eat them! : ) I gave him a giant Hershey's candy bar and a box of his Turtles that he loves.

Halie got a rose and a Tweety Bird snowglobe from Daddy, and Bubble Bonanza set from Mommy. She certainly didn't need anymore candy after the library party!
All of our homemade Valentines along with ones we got in the mail.

One day while we were out playing in the yard, our dog Gretchen discovered a nest of baby bunnies and ate one of them! So Halie and I rescued the other two from the same fate. We took them back to the house and kept them for a couple of days. They were so tiny and adorably cute. I read on a wildlife website that the mother will keep looking for them for up to a week so you can put them back and she'll find them. So we decided to do that since the next few weeks would be really busy for us. They were sure a lot of fun though, and I think once Halie gets a little older we'll probably get her a tame one as a pet.

Halie had a difficult time remembering to be quiet and gentle around the bunnies so as not to scare them. She would get a little frustrated with me for always telling her to shush. : ) This is why I think we need to wait until she's older for a pet like this.

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  1. I thought I recognized that cute little dress!
    Glad you're back to blogging!!


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