Thursday, August 26, 2010

I'm No Seamstress, but........

I don't claim to be any sort of a seamstress at all. I know my way around a sewing machine just enough to do a straight, basic stitch. I've been known to tinker here and there and make basic valances and such, but nothing more than that.

With a new baby coming along I was looking at nursing covers (something I didn't use last time around, but wish that I had made use of) and came across a pretty basic looking one that was selling for $10 plus shipping. I didn't like any of the fabrics they had, and I thought to myself, "I think I could make that for about the same price and then I'd have a cute one that I actually like." So I perused JoAnn's one day and came across this cute boy fabric with dump trucks. I liked it because it's fairly neutral, not too "It's a boy!" looking (pastel blue with footprints), but not so theme specific that I would come to hate it after a few months.

I was so upset with myself because I walked off and forgot my 40% off coupon. I could have spent several dollars less, but oh well. In the end it came to be about $10. I bought a yard of fabric and a yard of coordinating ribbon.

I had Robert haul out my ancient Singer sewing machine that Grandma Cantrell gave me, and I set to work. It's not perfect by any means, and I think I should have made it a little wider, but all in all I think it will be functional. And if it's not wide enough, maybe just maybe, I'll attempt another one.

I do have a bit of fabric leftover and I think I may try to make a couple of burp cloths out of it. I'm feeling ambitious. : )


  1. Yay for you! I think it's great!!
    I don't know how much you have left over, but if you wanted you could buy white cloth diapers and put a strip of your fabric across one of the narrow ends of the diaper and make coordinating burp rags!
    Just an idea :)


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