Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Robert!

This year I decided not to get Robert a present for his 28th birthday.  Sounds kind of mean and thoughtless doesn't it?  Hear me out though.  He's the kind of guy that just couldn't care less about gifts.  Don't get me wrong, he's grateful if he does get one, but if he doesn't it's truly no big deal.  (Whereas with me, I might say it's not a big deal, but really it is and I'll harbor bitterness and anger for years if you don't get me one.  Ok, not really, but they do mean more to me than to him.)  So, I decided that since there really wasn't anything he wanted for his birthday that I would use that money in a different way.  Instead of buying a gift, I used the money to hire a babysitter for the evening and his gift was a date night with me, with no kids.  We went out to eat, got ice cream, went bowling, and went to Walmart.  Seriously, we went to Walmart on our hot date, lol!  We had fun being together and enjoying some time alone.  I didn't take the camera though, so no pictures of any of that.  That was on Friday evening before his birthday (on Tues).

Then on Sunday, while he was taking a nap, Halie and I made his birthday cake.  When we were at the store the week before, I let her pick out the cake mix, frosting, and decorations.  She chose a chocolate cake, vanilla frosting, sprinkles, and "Happy Birthday" candles. 
She helped me with a good bit of the baking part and did all of the sprinkles and candles herself. 

We all enjoyed a piece of it when he woke up. 

Don't you think she did a great job?

On Tuesday, his actual birthday, the kids and I met him in town after he got off work, and took him out to eat at IHOP.  He got an email from them for a free birthday dinner, and kids eat free during April, so we enjoyed a good meal on the cheap.  

Halie made him a cute card.

Lil' Man sitting like a big boy in the highchair.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!  I love you with all my heart!

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