Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Catching up from November

Whew!  Long time no blog.  I have some serious catching up to do!

We'll start with November.

I got this cute outfit for Halie at a consignment store, but she did NOT want me taking her picture in it and would NOT smile for anything.

Lazy ol' Gretchen snuggled herself up in the blanket and caught some zzz's.

Halie and I made some cookies to contribute to a bake sale.

We took a few pictures of the kiddos one Sunday before church when, by pure coincidence, we were all dressed in similar colors.

Such a handsome little cutie!

Such a typical expression for him at this age...."Oh!"

I celebrated my 31st birthday.  Robert got me some beautiful flowers and a yummy ice cream cake.

We drove down to Lebanon, OH and celebrated Thanksgiving with some of my extended family.

Aunt Sheryll, Mandi, Me, and Uncle David

Uncle Bob (whom I hadn't seen since I was a little kid) and his girlfriend Charlotte

Aunt Kay and Paul
Halie had a blast playing with all her cousins.


The kid's table.

Robert keeping watch over the two little ones, Burl and Lucas.

This was Halie's "thankfulness turkey."  I drew it out for her and she did about 98% of the cutting out all by herself!  About 10 days before Thanksgiving we put the body up and one feather, and then each day she told me another thing she was thankful for and we added on a new feather.

She was quite proud of it!

I enjoyed some relaxing "me" time in the crisp, cool, Fall weather on the swing while the kids were napping.

Burl learned to crawl up the stairs all by himself.

He was quite pleased with himself.

Late in November he took his first steps!

We had a fun afternoon of playing in the leaves in the backyard.

Can you spot Robert?  : )

Halie had so much fun jumping off her picnic table into the big pile.

We had our first snowfall.

My beautiful little snow bunny.

Burl wasn't too impressed with the snow.


And last, but not least, Robert's sister Stacy had their 4th little girl - Karalee.

That pretty well sums up the month of November and pretty soon I'll start getting up the December happenings.

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  1. Don't tell Halie, but I love her poochie lip! :-)


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