Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ball Ball!!

Burl LOVES balls and whenever he sees one he yells, "Ball ball!"  Well, it was a beautiful sunny and fairly warm day last Sunday and the kids were playing in the yard after church while Robert grilled some steaks for lunch.  Halie got out her T-ball set and from across the yard Burl yelled, "BALL BALL!!"

Halie lasted about a minute and then Burl picked up the bat.  Robert showed him what to do and helped him hit it once or twice.  After that, he did this all on his own and he was SO focused!

He'd hit it, go get it, and put it back up there.

The bat was about as big as him, but that didn't stop him.  He hit it over and over and over again.

Settin' it back up.

Another hit.

Again and again.

We couldn't believe how focused he was and how long he stuck with it.  It was quite impressive, and I know Robert was loving watching his little boy already developing a love for baseball.

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