Saturday, July 18, 2009

Our New Car!

I had my other car for 6 years and we planned on having it for several more, but the transmission needed a lot of expensive work and it was better to just trade it in on something newer. So here we are, right close to broke : ) but the owners of a 2007 Toyota Camry with 48,000 miles on it. It's got a few little scratches here and there, but with our budget we couldn't expect perfect. I've only owned it a couple of hours now, but so far I really like it!

It's got so much more room than my Jetta did, which is one of the reasons we were interested in the Camry, thinking of the future and more kids someday we needed more room. I'm still getting used to driving a 5 speed car (in other words I stalled it 4 times, lol!). I'm used to Robert's big ol' truck and it shifts a whole lot different than a car.


  1. Happy for you! What is this one's name?

  2. Hey Stephanie! Welcome to blogging. Like you said in your first post, blogging is so different from FB. (I like it a lot more!) Your little Halie is so precious! What adorable cheeks!

    If you want to send me an email, I'll send you an invitation to my blog... My address is How fun to catch up!



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