Thursday, July 23, 2009

What Can Be Done?

In the past few weeks I have been increasingly bothered and scared by all that is transpiring in Washington D. C. Obama and the others in power and places of decision making are just charging forward with decision after decision that does not have the people's best interest at heart, seemingly without regard to the desires of the people. It feels like our country is on a runaway train that's headed straight for communism and socialism. I have never been able to listen to an entire teleprompted Obama speech because they are always so full of lies I can't stand to hear it. Just last night I turned on the TV and there he was reciting another speech, but I gave him a chance, I stopped to listen. But once again, within the first minute of listening he had already told 3 lies and made 2 communistic statements. I've wondered what can be done to stop him? Will it all eventually lead to another American Revolution or Civil War or something similar to get our country back? Or will the American people sit passively by thinking that nothing can be done to stop them or simply not caring? What can I do? Oh sure, I can join in the Tea Party and send in my tea bags to my congressmen and other representatives, but really and truly what good will that do except allow them to enjoy one more free thing that I've given them? I'm not in a position to pack up and drive to D.C. and start a protest, and I don't have money to donate to the ones who are trying to put a stop to it. So what can be done?

This morning in my devotions I came across this verse in James 5: 17 that really spoke to me. "Elias was a man subject to like passions as we are, and he prayed earnestly that it might not rain: and it rained not on the earth by the space of three years and six months." Elijah, a man just like us, one man, prayed that it wouldn't rain and it effected an entire nation, putting them in a drought for over 3 years. This was in response to King Ahab who in I Kings 16:30 & 33b we learn was a very evil leader. "And Ahab the son of Omri did evil in the sight of the Lord above all that were before him." "....and Ahab did more to provoke the Lord God of Israel to anger than all the kings of Israel that were before him." Starting to sound familiar? Obama is doing more evil and harm to this nation than any other leader before him. What can be done to stop this man? Elijah was one man who wanted to punish Ahab for his sins, and he prayed that it wouldn't rain and it didn't for 3.5 years! One man wanting to punish one man for his sins had that kind of effect with the power of prayer! I am just one person, human and unperfect like Elijah, yet I could have that kind of effect on an entire nation if I just prayed fervently in faith! What an awesome thing. If I, as one person, could change the course of history through prayer, what kind of power could be possible if many prayed fervently in faith believing that Barack Obama can be stopped and this country can get back on it's feet and headed in the direction our founding fathers intended? I, for one, resolve to be like Elijah and begin to fervently pray in faith for this rain of unacceptable changes to stop.


  1. A wonderful blog. Prayer is a powerful tool we so often under estimate it.
    Aunt Linda

  2. I am delighted to let you know that prayer does change things. I read a report today, July 30th, that Nancy Pelosi's approval rating is at 31 and that Harry Reid's is at 15, and the President's is at a 51% disapproval rate. People's eyes are being opened. God help us to do what we can

    Uncle John

  3. Hey! I just wanted to let you know a lot of us up here in Canada are praying for the U.S, and following everything pretty closely! (Because what affects the U.S will most likely affect Canada!) Your government is in our prayers everyday, and all of you are in our thoughts. It's so tough to feel a bit helpless when all these "powerful" people are making such wrong decisions. I hope you'll be encouraged that more people are praying! God is good all the time.


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