Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter Weekend

We started off Easter on Thursday when Halie and I used her finger paints and decorated these styrofoam eggs. I had found a big box of them and styrofoam balls at a yard sale for $3. I was excited because those things are expensive! Anyways, she really had a lot of fun painting them and adding glitter.
Then on Saturday morning we boiled our real eggs and colored them. Halie is patiently waiting to begin.

Trying to decide what color to do first.

Here she's using the magic crayon and making a design on her egg before she colored it.

Waiting....waiting. She was funny, I'd lift it out and ask her, "Is it done yet or does it need to stay in some more?" And she'd tell me if she thought it was done or not. So cute.

Adding stickers.

Our finished product.

After we finished them we left them out on the table to dry while we went do some training on the new horse. http://cantrellsablessedlife.blogspot.com/2010/04/little-view-of-ranch-life.html When we got back, this is what we found! Q-Tip had jumped up on the table and ate all but 3 of our eggs!

Later in the afternoon, Nana, Aunt Dee Dee, and Emma came for a short visit. Nana brought filled eggs for an egg hunt and new dresses and toys for both girls. (I forgot my camera was still set on the manual settings from the horse pictures that morning, so this one and the others from their hunt are way overexposed)

Emma loved Halie's mower.

After the egg hunt, they spent some time playing on the swing.

Halie is going to make such a great big sister! She buckled Emma into the swing and had so much fun pushing her.

Easter morning - opening her Easter basket.

I got out of bed early and got started on a new recipe for breakfast, so while Halie was opening her basket my French Toast Muffins were baking in the oven. I thought they were pretty yummy, Robert didn't really care for them.
I had put her hair in curlers the night before, but I used ones that were a little bigger than the ones I normally use. I thought her hair was long enough now to use them, but...............they didn't hold at all and she woke up with straight hair.
Then after church I wanted to take her picture in her new Easter dress and sandals next to the pretty flowers since we don't have any flowers yet at home, but................she was being really grumpy and refused to smile. I didn't even try to push her or coax her.
By the time we got home she was in a much better mood and we were able to get a few good pictures. Daddy's girl. : )
Me and my lil' Bugaboo.
(Wishing I had used a filler flash on these pictures, oh well.)
Notice her new sandals or "slip slops" as she calls them. They weren't my first choice for Easter shoes, but living out in the boonies like we do we don't have many options to choose from and have to just make do. They ended up looking pretty cute and she LOVED them. She hardly took them off from the time we bought them on Saturday until nap time on Sunday. : )
Yummy Easter dinner - ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, noodles, and dinner rolls.
After dinner we did another egg hunt with her.

While she was napping, Papaw and Meemaw surprised us with a visit and another Easter basket for Halie! She was SO excited to see them when she woke up!
She oo-ed and aw-ed over everything, so cute!
Not too sure what to think of this new frog bath towel. (Now, weeks later she loves it!)
While the grandparents played with Halie, I finished up our Easter cake. I just grabbed up some leftover Peeps and M&M's to use as quick decorations, and before Meemaw and Papaw left for home they enjoyed a piece of it with us.

It was a very fun and good Easter!

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