Saturday, April 17, 2010

Robert's 27th Birthday

The weekend before Robert and Bob's birthday we went to Hobe Sound and spent Saturday with them. Robert was excited to have his dad's 410 shotgun passed on to him. (Yay, another gun, lol!)
Bob, Gina, and Robert had made plans to go golfing. (Halie and I went and spent the day with my cousin Cyndi and her boys.) They had a great time golfing, although they usually do. : )

That evening we picked up Grandma Cantrell and went out to Perkins for dinner. But don't ya know, I forgot to take any pictures of that.
We had to head back home after dinner as we had a sick horse that needed some tending to. Once Sunday evening rolled around (Monday was his birthday) Robert began asking if he could open one of his birthday presents. I found it pretty funny because birthdays aren't that big of a deal to him and he never asks for anything, he's so boring. He always just says money for a gun or for his truck or something. But this year I stuck to MY guns and insisted I was buying an actual present that he had no clue about. Well I ended up with 2 mystery presents and he was actually a little bit excited for once! : )
I finally gave in and let him choose one to open Sunday night. I told him he couldn't pick them up and shake them or poke at 'em, he had to just look and choose one.
At Easter time he LOVES Palmer's hollow chocolate bunnies and we had seen these huge ones in the store and he was drooling over them. It worked out because after Easter they were 1/2 off and there were still a few available so I got him one.

He's not the only one ready for a bite! : )
For his birthday dinner on Monday he requested Crusted Chicken Romano with buttery pasta and Parmesean Knots. (He doesn't like garlic so I make his buttery pasta separate from Halie and I's garlic and olive oil good!)
One of our most favorite meals!!

I was taking pictures of Robert and Halie said, "Mommy, take my picture too!" : )
The 2nd surprise present!

Laughing as he realizes what it is.

A tea kettle might seem like a strange present for a manly man cowboy like Robert, but you have to understand the background behind it. We make a lot of sweet tea around our house and half the time (or more) he's the one making it. He was all the time complaining about my antique enamelware tea kettle. It didn't whistle and he'd forget he had water on to boil, and it was starting to get some rust spots on it and he'd say, "I think we need a Tetnus shot before we drink this tea." So............I got him a brand new, stainless steel, whistling tea kettle. : ) He thought it was pretty funny.

Halie made her very own card for Daddy too.
Another surprise was that I didn't bake him his traditional yellow cake with chocolate frosting. One day when he and I were at the grocery store together he saw these Carvel Snickers Ice Cream cakes in the freezer section and commented on how good they looked. So that's what I got for his cake.

It looked like a giant Snickers bar and it tasted VERY VERY yummy!

Happy 27th Birthday to the love of my life!

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  1. I love these little glimpses into your life! Happy Birthday to Robert!!
    I keep meaning to comment on your "farm life" post...I really enjoyed that! The older I get, the more I realize it's the simple things that bring us joy!
    Thanks for sharing!


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