Saturday, February 5, 2011

Some Randomness as of Late

I haven't posted very many pictures of the kids lately so I figured I'd throw in some random ones from the past month or so.

Isn't this lil' guy just the squeeziest thing you've ever seen?!? His overalls were 3-6 month size and were too small for him. They went in the "pack away" pile after this. The lil' chunk is only 4 months old!

One morning Halie requested that we make doughnuts so we tried it out for the first time ever.

I scrounged up all kinds of things to use as toppings and we had fun making them. And they were quite yummy, too!

Can you tell?

Dressed up in his baseball outfit from Meemaw and Papaw, gettin' ready to go to Chuck E. Cheese for big sister to have some play time.

Don't those fat lil' cheeks just make you want to reach out and squeeze them right through your screen?!?

These are just some crazy "self-portraits" we did one wintery day of cabin fever induced boredness.

Dressed in their jammies and ready for bed. They were playing together, all covered up staying warm, and they were just so cute. Poor Halie's bangs are in her eyes now. They were getting too thick and I want to grow the majority of them out.

We have been having SO much snow! Last week we already had a few inches of snow, and then that got covered by a thick layer of ice, and now it's putting down inches upon inches of more snow on top of that!

Can't really tell what this is, can you? That's because I can't either just about. I was standing on our back step looking down. There should be a big drop down to the ground and then the area beyond that is the flower bed. Completely covered!

This snowman we built a couple of weeks ago? The whole bottom buried in snow. (She's also minus a head because Halie knocked it off)

Well, there you go. A little glimpse into our life recently.

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  1. Your kids are just tooo cute!! Love all the pictures!! Hope spring time finds you soon!!


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