Monday, June 27, 2011

Strawberry Pickin' Day

One sunny, warm June day, the kids and I joined a couple of ladies from church and went to a U-Pick strawberry patch.

Bubs was just hangin' out, relaxin', while we did all the hard work.

Marea and Kerri Pouzar

Halie had fun.  She did pretty well, and with encouragement and prompting picked almost a half a bucket.  After that she said she was too tired and hot to do any more.  : )

Me and my sweet girl.

After we got our buckets full we drove over to the home of another friend from church, Wendy. She let us use her fabulous kitchen to make jam and jelly out of our berries.

Kerri and Lindsay helping out.

Here's my finished freezer jam...oh so yummy!

The next day I just had to make some homemade bread to accompany the homemade jam.  Double yummy!!

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  1. Good job, girl! Marea asked me to go, but I figured I would make a complete fool of myself in the kitchen and have ya'll laughing your heads off at my cluelessness! :)
    And isn't Wendy's kitchen just the best? Maybe I could cook if I had a kitchen like


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