Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Halloween Parade

Monday evening I took the kiddos to a nearby town's annual Halloween parade. 

Waiting for it to start


It was a small parade, but they had lots of firetrucks which the kids enjoyed and TONS of candy!

All the band members were dressed up in costumes.

Both kids really enjoyed the bands and the music.  Halie was more interested in watching them than she was in picking up candy.

Burl really liked the fire engines.  He was wiggling his booty and clapping away!  : )

Halie, on the other hand, didn't like how loud they were.

Friends from church Aaron and Noah

 It worked out great because just that morning we had learned about firefighters in her school time, and then after the parade we visited the fire house and she got to see all the things we read about.

And even got to sit in a firetruck!

These two were so stinkin' cute bee-boppin' down the sidewalk together, little balloons trailing behind them, acting silly and laughing like crazy!

SO much candy!!

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