Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Lovely Fall Evening

Where we live, out in the country, we don't have much for paved areas around our house for Halie to ride her bike. There's only the dirt/rock driveway, which she can do but it's a little difficult and frustrating for her, and about 10 feet of concrete at the front of our house. So, she has never had a good opportunity to really ride her bike for any length of time or significant distance. So Friday evening, instead of going to a restaurant to eat like we usually do, we picked up a pizza and drinks and went to a picnic area up on the dike around the lake. After a yummy supper we took a leisurely walk while she happily rode alongside on her bike. I think she was amazed at the freedom she felt of being able to just ride and ride. She had so much fun!

It was such a beautiful evening, sitting by the water, feeling the cool breeze, and just enjoying being together as a family. By the time we left the moon had risen, there was a chill in the air, and we left as a contented little family.

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