Thursday, December 6, 2012

November 2012

Early November found us making a short road trip to a little town about 45 minutes away to meet my cousin and her boys for a play date at the McDonald's Play Land.  It's a great halfway meeting point for us and the kids had so much fun.

Burl, Jaxon, Lucas, and Halie

Several times throughout the month I raked the leaves into a big pile for them and they had a blast jumping off their little table and sliding down the slide into them.

They are best buds and they play so well together.

Mid-November we drove to a nearby town for a nighttime Christmas parade.

The kids seemed to really enjoy it.

He looked so cute all bundled up!

I took Halie with me to the local craft show and she was excited to see Santa and Mrs. Claus there.

As the weather started turning colder and frost hit a few times my mums started to change colors!  They went from a rusty orange to this pretty pink and yellow combination.  I had never seen them do that before and thought it was so neat.

This is the color they were before.

Thanksgiving Day was a small affair for us this year.  We didn't go anywhere and no one came here so it was just the four of us.  The kids had fun watching the Macy's parade while Robert and I were busy in the kitchen.

Lookin' purdy!

I grabbed a couple of things from around the house an made and impromptu centerpiece.

Still love my little Publix Pilgrim S&P shakers. 

Pure yumminess!  After I took this picture I realized we had forgotten to get the stuffing out of the turkey, lol!

Halie took this picture of Robert and I.  :)
Tryin' on Mama's boots.
The day after Thanksgiving was of course my birthday.  Halie got up that morning and made me a sweet card and even had Burl come and "write" something in it.

These pictures were taken with my phone and so are dark and grainy, but that's ok.  They still share the memory, right?

Robert and his parents went together and got me this awesome kitchen knife set made by Case.  I only ever knew they made pocket knives, I had no idea they had kitchen ones too.  Now, you may be wondering what Robert was thinking buying a gift like that for my birthday since it's kinda of a cliche faux pas.  Kind of like a vacuum cleaner for Christmas. his defense, knives are exactly what I asked for.  I've never had a good set and I get so frustrated trying to prepare meals with constantly dull knives.  These are awesome!  I love 'em!

Robert had to go back to work on my birthday, so Saturday was sort of "my" day.  I requested that we go buy our Christmas tree and decorate it that day.  (Oh yeah, and go to Texas Roadhouse for dinner.)  :)

Another Mr. and Mrs. Claus were at the hardware store where we got our tree.  Burl did NOT want to sit with them!

We had a good time getting it all set up and decorated later that evening, but I'll save those pictures for a December post since it goes a little better with that month.

So now, I'm all caught up again and can start to share some of our December fun!

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