Thursday, December 13, 2012

Our Christmas Tree

I mentioned in another post that we actually got our tree at the end of November this year.  With Halie being in that wedding I knew we would be too busy to get it on the 1st like we normally do.

We're trying to support mostly small business this Christmas so we went to a local hardware store to get our tree.  We chose the skinniest tree they had in our price range so that it wouldn't take up too much room in the living room.  Compared to the other trees it looked SO skinny in the store, but when we got it home it was actually just right.  Any bigger and we wouldn't have had room to walk around.

We bought it in the morning, got the lights put on in the afternoon during the kids nap time, then after we went out for supper we decorated it.  Burl helped out for a little while and then we put the tired little guy to bed.

We let Halie stay up late and help us finish it up.  She really had a lot of fun.

It's Robert's year this year, so it's what we call our "traditional" tree: colored lights, tinsel garland, just about every ornament we own, and icicles.  

It looks gorgeous in the evening, all the silver garland and icicles reflect the light 10 fold and it's a twinkling beauty, though that's hard to capture in a still shot.

Up next, I plan to share what our silly elf Fred has been up to since he came to stay at our house.  He's a funny little guy so be sure to check back.

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