Monday, October 15, 2012

Burl's 2nd Birthday

We decided to keep Burl's birthday really simple.  It was his turn for a big party this year, but I just wasn't feeling up to it.  I was so homesick for family that the thought of a big party without them being there just felt pointless.  So, we just kept it to the 4 of us.

Burl loves frogs (or "ribbits" as he calls them) and his favorite color is green.  Given a choice, he'll pick a green object every time.  Over the summer, with all of our yard sale shopping, he has collected several ribbits that he loves, so I decided to use them as the theme of his party.

I got up early that morning and got everything decorated.  I placed the frogs in the middle of the table (I actually had to sneak in his room and very carefully ease that top one on the right out from under him as he slept.  It's his favorite.)  I found the cute plates at Hobby Lobby and the rest of it came from Walmart.

When he woke up we all carried balloons in his room and surprised him.

I made him a froggy pancake for breakfast.

He seemed to really like it.

Opening up a card from Mommy and Daddy.

His very own pack of gum, yay!

He got to open up one gift from us before we went to church.

A new hot rod car!

I'm no cake decorator, but I did my best to make him a froggy cake.

I used a single layer round cake, and two cupcakes for the eyes.  Oreo cookies with an M&M center inserted at an angle gave them a 3Dish look.

He was so excited when he saw it!

Blowing out his candle.  So stinkin' cute!!

Presents from Meemaw and Papaw Cantrell.

New trucks!

The truck has a button on it that plays music and he was having a great time "rockin' out" with it.  : )
Here's a video link so you can see for yourself:

A few days later we picked up this tool bench from Walmart.  Nana and Papaw Delamarter bought it for him and had it sent to our local store for us to pick up.

He has lots of fun with it!

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