Monday, October 1, 2012

August 2012 {Part 1}

Here are all of August's happenings, minus Halie's birthday.  There were enough pictures of that to make it it's own post, so I'll do that next.

One afternoon the kids were out playing in the yard and I was nearby working on some of my plants.  Halie came running to me and excitedly told me that she had found a baby bird and had touched it.

She took me to it and sure enough there was a little birdie hanging around.  At first I thought it might be injured because it wasn't flying away (in the end we discovered it was not), and then we thought maybe it really was a baby but since it flew away in the end I don't think it was a baby either.

It hung around for about 20 minutes and was not scared of us at all.  

We put out some bird seed and water when we thought it might be injured and it pecked away at it and let Halie touch it.

Robert came home during this and even picked it up.  After a little while it went along on its merry way.  I have no idea what happened to make it hang around or why it wasn't scared of us, but it sure was neat.  Halie talked about it for days afterwards.

At the very end of July/beginning of August I decided to start potty training Burl.  We bought big boy undies, a potty seat, stocked up on juice and M&M's, and I printed off a potty chart.

Here he is with Brown Bear who was learning too.  : )

Watching a video on my phone to help distract from the "fear" of going.

I posted this picture on Facebook because I thought it was just hilariously cute and my cousin Jon Abram came up with the best caption that made me laugh out loud - "That was one tough card game.  You just had to be there."   :D

After one week he had many successes and we were off to a good start.

These two play so well together and one morning after breakfast I was cleaning up the kitchen and doing dishes and everything got kind of quiet.  So I went searching for the trouble I was sure they were in.  But there they were sitting on the stairs, books all around them, just as cozy and content as could be.  So cute!

We were so happy to have Meemaw and Papaw come for a visit!  Meemaw and I took the kids to the park one morning while Papaw and Robert went golfing.

Burl was having the best time pushing Halie on the merry-go-round.

Meemaw and Papaw surprised the kids with a Gator to drive around the yard!  They were SO excited and have had the best time with it!

Robert and Papaw had a fun morning of golfing.

Papaw told Halie that for her birthday she could pick something for all of us to do together as a family.  The county fair was going on that week and she chose that.

We had a really great time.  The kids rode every ride they possibly could.

Halie rode rides that even her Daddy was too nervous to ride.

She even did the big tower drop!

She has wanted to do one of these jumping things for a long time now, and this time it finally worked out.  She really enjoyed it.

They had these big inflatable roll things that floated on water.  Robert went with her and they had the best time spinning it and doing flips and somersaults in there.

Halie was floppin' around like a rag doll and lovin' every minute of it!

Back home, they got plenty of play time with Meemaw and Papaw out in the yard.

Saying goodbye at the airport.  We were sure sad to see them leave, and poor Halie cried and cried on the way home.

That's it for part 1 of August, I'll do my best to get Halie's birthday pictures up soon.


  1. Some of my favorite memories are being with grandparents. Looks like you guys had a wonderful time! :-)

  2. Steph, I always look forward to your updates so much. Your kids are sooooo adorable. Thanks for not forgetting us few who don't have Facebook!
    Love, Aunt Linda


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