Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Creation Studies ~ Days 3 & 4

 Day 3 - God made dry land appear and covered it with plants, flowers, trees, and grass.

 The kids made handprint flowers.

For our cooking project that week we made flower cupcakes.

Halie and I had baked them, but hadn't decorated them yet.  The neighbor girls were here playing one afternoon while their parents were working on the house next door and they had gotten bored with playing outside.  So I let them help us finish up our cupcakes and then eat one for a snack.  It was a fun distraction for them for a little while.

Day 4 - God created the sun, moon, and stars

They had cheese suns one day for a snack.

I helped Halie with a fun little project about the phases of the moon.

I printed off a picture to help us out and we scraped the cream off of Oreo halves to match each one.  (That wasn't my original idea, I found that on the internet somewhere)  Then they became a snack.  : )

Here she is using blocks to do a little math worksheet introducing her to basic addition and subtraction. The blocks really helped her figure out the idea of "adding" together and "taking away" from.

Our crafty/cooking project for the week was making our own play-doh.  I found the idea on Pinterest and it's called "Galaxy Play-doh."

We tinted it a nice dark black and the kids added plastic stars...

...and glitter to it to create a "galaxy."

I wasn't sure how long this would hold Burl's attention, but he really enjoyed it and played with it for quite awhile.

Trying out different things with the stars.

LOTS of glitter was used in this project, and I learned my lesson for next time.  Cover the table with waxed paper or use cookie sheets to contain said glitter.  I was cleaning that stuff up for a week afterwards!

We rounded up some little balls to use as the sun and the moon.

After they started to get tired of the plastic stars, I gave them star shaped cookie cutters to use.

They really had a lot of fun doing this and played with it for a good long while, and even played with it again on another day while they were waiting on me to cook them some breakfast.

And another little bonus is that the plastic stars are glow in the dark so now they each have pretty stars on their ceilings that they love looking at once the lights go out.

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